About Ruff Love Rescue

"All my life I have loved animals. Dogs just became my passion. Born and raised in Southern California, there was not much opportunity for me to help with rescue in the way I had anticipated.

In 1993 I moved to North Carolina to get away from the hectic California lifestyle. With two dogs of my own (both rescue dogs) in tow, I started a new life.

Shortly after arriving in North Carolina, I met the main man of my world, Rick Jennings. Together we purchased a six acre lot, and then it began. I quickly met other people involved in rescue and started fostering for different rescue groups. I soon discovered that many rescue people burn out fairly quickly. Animal rescue is a very demanding and emotionally draining passion, and you can easily get overwhelmed.

In 1999, I had approximately 20 dogs. I decided to apply for my own Non Profit, 501(c)(3), status and start my own rescue. The primary focus of my rescue became the homeless and/or abandoned dogs who in many peoples' eyes would not make good adoption prospects. Using an acre of our land, we were fortunate enough to be able build a kennel that could hold the 20 dogs comfortably. This construction included a 6 foot privacy fence to surround the kennel.

At present, however, we have 50 plus dogs. Obviously, we have had to create some make shift kennels to accommodate. Our focus has turned to adoption because we are unable to take in any more dogs. With limited donations, Rick and I fund a good bit of the necessities, food, medical, etc., using our own money.

Throughout the process we have worked primarily with large dogs from 35 to 100lbs. Most of our dogs are older. We are a No-Kill rescue. Therefore, if the dogs are not adoptable, they stay with us for the rest of their lives.

I thank God every day for my good health and ability to be able to care for these animals. It is a 365 day, 7 day a week, 24 hour a day labor of love. The rewards far outweigh the disappointments. I have a deep passion and commitment to continue this mission.

If you have any idea of the love and joy that dogs can bring, you can understand what keeps me going. I certainly have those days of doubt, but I just reach out and hug a dog. I remember their story and know it is all worth it."

- Sue Rogers