Lisa aka Lizzie

Doberman Pinscher

• Female

~~ Adoption donation $250. All vetting is up to date. Microchipped and spayed. Also on flea/tick and heartworm preventative. Not quite a year old yet. Lizzie has what is belived to be a birth defect/body malformation due to over crowding in the womb. Her spine is crooked and she walks with a hop. It does NOT stop her. She is able to go and play with the best of them dog and cat friendly. Visit to make this pup a member of your family


Interested in adopting Lisa aka Lizzie? We have a fairly simple adoption process that starts with an adoption application. Submit an application to adopt Lisa aka Lizzie.


If you cannot adopt, but still want to help, you can be a sponsor for Lisa aka Lizzie! Click here for a printable donation form, or you can

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