Jobe has been adopted! What started out as a sad story has turned out to be a total success story. As a puppy, Jobe was left out on a chain, where he was attacked - twice! Thankfully a great samaritan convinced his owners to let her take him, saving him from a situation where he probably would have eventually died. This wonderful person couldn't keep Jobe in her home, so she contacted Ruff Love, and a new volunteer came forward to foster him. It wasn't long before the decision was made to amputate his badly injured leg, and once it was gone, Jobe was a whole new dog! He did awesome in his training, and everyone who saw him fell in love with him. After only about six months in foster care, and only about two months being available for adoption, someone saw him on and couldn't resist him! These photos are Jobe with his new mom, Erica, who loves him to death. She has reported that he's a very happy little guy who hasn't missed a beat since he's been in his new home, and they're loving life together!


Dusty was found abandoned on a dirt road in Randolph County. He found his forever home with Joy and Charles Walker. Dusty now has a brother Joe, the German Shepard, for a best friend.

Norman, aka Max

Max (aka Norman) has found his forever home with the Smith family (Sarah, Jason, Caroline and Harley). Over Easter weekend Max went on a road trip to Wilmington to meet the rest of the family. Everyone fell in love with him.

Ziva & Marah

Ziva and Marah came into Ruff Love together. Initially, Marah was adopted on her own, and Ziva seemed pretty bummed out about that. Then, after a while, and with a little bit of what we didn't realize at the time time was luck, Marah was returned to us, and to Ziva. Were they meant to be? The Handy family seems to think so. Here's what they had to say:

"When we found Ziva's picture online we were still grieving the loss of our 12 yr. old dog Teagan. We weren't planning on getting another pet so soon but the thought of there being a dog out there in need of a home weighed on me. We not only had a home to offer but so much love in our hearts too. So looking at the rescues not only became a mission to find our next family member, but also helped me in my healing process. I was on petfinder one day and there she was. I saw Ziva and immediately showed her picture to my husband. We knew she belonged to us right away. We filled out the application and waited anxiously to get approved.

In the meantime, I would go to the Ruff Love Rescue website to look at her picture often and got to know the faces of all of the other dogs available. We talked about eventually adopting another dog so Ziva would not be alone but couldn't decide if we should adopt them together or wait awhile. While on the RLR website one day I noticed Marah, a face I had not seen on there before. I could not believe it when I read that she was found with Ziva. How had I missed seeing her before? My husband and I discussed it and decided without hesitation that these girls needed to stay together. I emailed Ruff Love and let them know we would like them both. A couple of days later I heard from Tonya, Ziva and Marah's RLR advocate. She explained why we had not seen Marah before. She had been been adopted four months earlier but was just returned due to the owners having to move and being unable to take her with them. Tonya explained how Ziva had been depressed since Marah left. It was truly meant to be for us to have both girls.

Since the girls came home to us our family has felt complete again. We have vowed to spoil and love them each and every day. We do not want to have any regrets when the day comes to say goodbye. We ended our long standing rule of no pets on the couch or in the bed. We get up extra early to take them on a one mile walk every morning and then again in the evening. Every weekend we go to the lake or the park. We look forward to taking them to the beach this summer and exploring new places with them. We get rewarded every day with endless kisses and a loyalty only a dog owner could know. We could not have dreamed of finding dogs as sweet and perfect as them. Thank you Ruff Love Rescue for giving our girls and all of your other pets the chance they deserve to find their forever home.

The Handy Family"


Nash was dearly loved by his foster mom, and she had a tough time giving him up. That happens sometimes with us fosters, but stories like this one make it much easier to pick up, move forward, and help out another homeless pup. Here's what Nash's new family tells us about their experience with Ruff Love:

"I emailed this request: 'We are a couple in our early 60's with three really young grandchildren. We'd like a dog that can move at our pace and also play with, but not hurt, the little ones.'

Candy at Ruff Love in Thomasville emailed back quickly with a description of Nash. He sounded just right.

We officially adopted him after a 10-day trial period.

We call him Mr. Nash and he has fit into our lives just as we'd hoped. He adores my retired husband and follows him everywhere! He has 2 doggie beds, one upstairs, one down in the den, but he usually ends up on our bed with us and would be happy on our laps any time we sit down.

We love him, the grandchildren love him. We are well-matched.

Thank you, Ruff Love."


Josie was adopted by Melissa Steelman and her son Thomas after Melissa met Josie at our StraightATattoo fundraiser. Josie sleeps in the bed with Thomas every night and loves to play with her siblings, Diesel and Abby. The Steelmans love Josie to pieces.